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Revenue and Production Accounting

Our staff is experienced in all facets of production and revenue accounting, including:


Marketing Accounting

Our staff are experts in this critical and deadline driven area of your business and can ensure that the accounting for your Oil, NGL and Natural Gas transactions is accurate, timely and complete:


Joint Venture Accounting

Our staff is experienced in all aspects of joint venture accounting.

Non-operated JV Billing cycle:

Operated JV Billing cycle:


Facility Fees

We provide comprehensive solutions to account for the usage of oil and gas facilities. Both from an operator's or user's point of view, we can ensure that your company receives or invoices for the services with respect to Gas Plants, Compressor Stations, Dehydrators, Oil Treating and associated pipeline infrastructure.


Dispute Resolution

We can provide resolutions for all aspects of oil and gas disputes and prevent costly litigation.


Royalty Income

The receipt of your correct share of royalty income is an often overlooked aspect and presents a significant opportunity for recoveries. With the application of appropriate procedures, we can assist you in the identification of instances where amounts are due to your company.


Joint Venture Audits

Most agreements allow for the audit of Joint Ventures. The performance of these audits are governed by the applicable industry standards (such as the PASC Joint Venture Audit Protocol) and are conducted on two-year cycles. Contact Information

Audits include the following:

Types of Audits


13th Month Adjustments

Year-end calculations or "13th month adjustments" adjust the user's share of operating costs to reflect the actual usage of a facility. If you are the operator of the facility, we can perform all necessary calculations for you. If you are the partner or user of the facility we can review the 13th month adjustment you receive from the operator.


Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Kaleut can assist you in all phases of your M&A transactions. Our team of experienced professionals can provide an organized and streamlined approach to ensure your assets are integrated (or divested) as effectively and efficiently as possible. Contact Information



Accounts Receivables are a contentious issue in all industries. As a major driver of cashflow, receivables are paid at the latest possible moment. We can assist in collecting receivables, decreasing your company's exposure to bad debt.